As you get everything ready for your trip to Hawaii you want to think about what you are going to do once your plane arrives at Honolulu International Airport, also tagged HNL in airport code. You want to be sure that you know not only where you need to go to do things like claim your baggage or go through customs, but just as important is the way that you plan to exit the airport and be on your way to your resort or hotel to start your vacation. You have several travel options available to you, but perhaps the most efficient of all of them is to take an airport shuttle from HNL to where you need to go.

Avoid the Waiting and the Hassles

The typical ways to travel from the airport in Honolulu such as taking a taxi or renting a car come along with all kinds of waits, lines and hassles. Just as is the case at many airports, when you rent a car you can expect to wait around at car counters filling out paperwork and going through the motions before you finally GET THE KEYS TO YOUR CAR. You then have to figure out how to get to your hotel or resort and navigate the busy traffic in the area on your own. You will also have to worry about the expense of the car rental, gas and parking during your stay. Cabs are not much better, with not enough taxis to go around for everyone waiting and you are then at the mercy of what kind of driver you get and the reliability of their vehicle for comfort.

Shuttles Can Save the Day

If you want your trip to Hawaii to get off to the right start then you want to arrange to take an airport shuttle from HNL to your resort or hotel. You can arrange for your shuttle well in advance of your trip and make your reservations so that the vehicle will be there when you arrive at the airport. Shuttle service uses clean, well-serviced and comfortable vehicles that can easily fit you, your party and your luggage and they are driven by experienced and reliable drivers that know just where to go. Best of all shuttles are cheaper than renting a car or taking a taxi.

Take an Airport Shuttle from HNL

For the best and most reliable way to get to your hotel take an airport shuttle from HNL. You can make all of the arrangements by calling Go Go Shuttle at 808-436-0005 or by going to their website at and making your reservation safely and securely online.