Your first trip to Hawaii is steadily approaching. You have made your airline arrangements, have your hotel all squared away and you even have your checklist all set for what you want to pack for the occasion. There is only one last thing you need to make sure you think about before your trip – how you are going to get from the airport in Honolulu to your hotel or resort. There are choices that are available to you with what you can use once you get there. If you do not want the expense of renting a car during your trip then you are going to want to decide whether you should just use a taxi when you arrive or whether you should arrange for Honolulu Airport shuttle services.

The Problems with Taxis

There are a few things you are going to want to know about the taxi service before you make your decision. First, taking a taxi from the airport in Honolulu to your hotel or resort can be quite expensive in Hawaii. You need to be prepared to pay a good bit just for the simple trip. Another problem is that there are thousands of people all vying to get taxi service at the same time you will be looking to get a cab. This can cause a long wait for a cab and an even longer wait if you have a large party traveling with you with a lot of luggage since you will need to find a cab that you can all fit in or take more than one cab, costing you even more for the trip.

Shuttles are a Better Choice

Should You Use Honolulu Airport Shuttle Services or a Taxi

When you take a look at the Honolulu Airport shuttle services that are available you will realize that they are the much better choice for you. The shuttles that are available are typically less than what it will cost you to take a taxi. Also you can arrange for the shuttle before you even arrive so that the vehicle will be waiting there for you so you do not have to wait. You can also choose the size of vehicle you need so you can be sure everyone will fit with the luggage comfortably.

It seems obvious that using Honolulu Airport shuttle services is the better choice for you for your trip. Take the time to contact Go Go Shuttle at 808-436-0005 or go to their website at so you can make your reservation and have your transportation all set for your trip.